Alpaca Care



A complete management service for alpaca owners. Designed to suit your requirements for the maintenance and well-being of your alpacas

Alpaca Care - A flexible and affordable on-farm service for alpaca owners.

Whether you are a serious alpaca breeder or simply have a few alpacas as pets on your property - we can provide the support services to enable you to properly care for your alpacas.


  • vaccinations
  • monitoring parasite burdens
  • vitamin supplements


  • toe nail trimming
  • assistance with shearing
  • pregnancy test spit-offs
  • halter training

Farm Set-up

  • planning advice
  • contractor management

Farm Management

  • scheduled or ad-hoc supervision of alpacas during owner absence


  • Vaccinations. Alpacas require vaccinating with 5 in 1 at 6 monthly intervals. We can provide initial vaccinations to crias at 6 weeks followed by a booster 1 month later.


  • Monitoring parasite burdens. Although alpacas are relatively free of worm infestation, it is good practice in spring and autumn to take faecal egg counts on suspect animals. We can arrange this in conjunction with your Vet and organise treatment if egg-counts indicate a requirement.


  • Vitamin supplements. During the winter months alpacas require regular treatment with Vitamin D3. Of particular importance are all coloured, pregnant, lactating and young alpacas.

  • Toe nail trimming. We can conduct scheduled trimming.


  • Assistance with shearing. Alpacas require shearing annually. We can organise a shearer & provide assistance if needed.


  • Pregnancy test spit-offs. We can bring an experienced male to your property for “spit-off” testing.


  • Halter-training. Alpacas respond readily to gentle handling and training methods. We can halter train your alpacas.

We provide planning advice in farm set-up and can arrange and manage contractors for a complete range of farm set-up requirements

  • sheds and shelters
  • fences
  • preparing and rejuvenating pasture
  • putting in watering systems, troughs and tanks

We can provide all the support necessary to assist and appropriately supervise your alpaca herd, particularly during times of your absence from the property

  • regular scheduled checks
  • all health and husbandry services

Phone: Arthur Biri - 0406 155 547

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Alpaca Care operates on the Mornington Peninsula, whatever the need we can help

An initiative of ABIRI ALPACAS